Projects & Testimonials

Office with zinc roof
Office with zinc roof

“The latest project was a renovation of an office block (we were adding 2 floors) and Boyle Copper & Zinc Craft Ltd carried out the zinc works on the roof. This was the 3rd project we had worked with Boyle Copper on.

We first heard of them when we were working on a past project and they were specified by an architect. We were impressed with their work so kept them on. We had developed a good relationship with them over the previous projects and wanted to work with them again. Their prices were competitive, we worked well with the guys on site and the finished result was great. We’ve used others in the past for smaller jobs but not for bigger jobs like these – zinc has become much more popular than lead over the past few years.

Their communication was really good, they were quick to come back on emails and Alan was very quick to arrange site visits so he could understand the works. The works were planned very well. I would definitely recommend them. They worked well and were very competitive.

Ryan Davis, Roots Contractor Ltd (, Builder

“This was the first time we had used anyone for cladding. As a site manager I inherited the decision to go with Boyle Copper. The subcontractors had used them before and were happy with them, there was no risk and the quality was high. Communication with Alan and his team was excellent.

Alan is a very busy man, but he always came back to me via phone, email or text. I would recommend Boyle Copper. They all went out of their way to help and we will keep on using them for future jobs.

Andries Van Rensburg, Heydon & Carr Construction (, Site Manager

Boyle Copper carried out the zinc wall cladding for us on a residential rear extension in North London. We heard about Boyle Copper through a Google search. Boyle Copper was one of two that we approached. We chose Boyle Copper because their price was in line with the other supplier, so we knew the job was priced correctly. Also because of the speed with which Alan reacted to our enquiry. As soon as we’d emailed, he was on the phone to discuss the project. He also followed up to chase us up which was good. Others were less forthcoming, especially as it was a small job.

Alan offered a CPD session for our team which was really good. Alan also advised us on another project with his expertise which was great.

I appreciated that they chased up the job even though it was small. Generally great communication with Alan and the guys on site. I would recommend Boyle Copper and would use them again. They were quick to reply and did the work quickly and accurately. The guys on site were also very skilled. I would use them as my preferred contractor.”

Stephen Mackie, Sean and Stephen Architects (, Architect

Boyle Copper helped us on the re-roofing of our converted factory in East London. This involved removing the existing aluminium sheeting and installing a new cool roof solution with standing seam VMZinc. The works were further complicated by the fact that a large array of solar panels had to be removed, stored and reassembled. Paul Cousins, Business Development Manager (SIG Roofing Advisory List) came to look at the site and recommended Boyle Copper & Zinc Craft Ltd.

We chose Boyle Copper because they demonstrated that they were knowledgeable, helpful and interested in the details, which gave us confidence. Also the price was competitive compared to our other quotes. The communication was really good. Alan always got back to us in a timely manner and the guys on site were brilliant – they were always on time and very considerate.

I would certainly recommend Boyle Copper & Zinc Craft Ltd. Technically they were excellent, they were also considerate, flexible and good value for money.

Brian Ford, Building Owner, East London

Boyle Copper helped on two projects so far. One project was a pair of rooftop extensions on two late twentieth century houses and the other was a ground floor addition to a Georgian house in Fitzrovia.

For the first project Boyle Copper came by recommendation from the contractor. On second project we asked that they be included, based on the quality of their previous work for us. Alan has been very helpful and offers his technical advice and expertise on resolving details and interfaces.

We have already recommended Boyle Copper to others.

Graham West, Director, West Architecture

Our architect brought Boyle Copper on board. He recommended them as he had used them on other projects and the price matched with expectations. Communication was very good with Alan and the team. It was perfect for the job.

I would recommend Boyle Copper – a) because their price was what we had budgeted and b) the product and application was to a high standard.

Barry Doherty, Argyle House Property Developers, Property Developer

“Boyle’s were by far the most reliable contractors for this type of work that we have used. Communication was first class with Alan always on hand to help the architects with regs, detailing and design issues.

Tony Bracaglia, Famella Construction (, Builder